Diamond Jewelry For the Important Occasions in Life

Weddings are one of the most special times in your life. On this momentous occasion, use diamond jewelry to commemorate the life-changing event. Diamond watches might be the perfect gift for the men in your wedding party. Select from diamond bridal sets, and choose from loose diamonds, princess cut diamonds, oval diamonds and emerald cut diamonds.

Selecting Diamond Bridal Sets

Bridal sets consist of an engagement ring and a wedding band. For women, these are usually two separate rings, while with men often the engagement ring also serves as the wedding band. Diamonds come loose, and you can select the diamond of your choice to go in the ring mount. Finished jewelry is what you will see on display at a diamond jewelry store, and these are also lovely pieces entirely appropriate as part of a bridal set.

Diamonds come in different shapes, and each shape brings particular qualities to the look of the diamond. Princess cut diamonds are square in shape and bring out the brilliance of the diamond. The brilliance of a diamond refers to how the light plays off the faceted surfaces of the diamond. Brilliance is a term used when white light is reflected through the top of the stone, and the type of light reflected is based in part on the stone and in part to the skill with which the facets of the stone were cut and polished. These are very popular cuts for engagement rings, and they can be customized in shape in terms of how square or how rectangular you would like for your ring.

Other shapes include oval and emerald. Diamonds in the oval shape appeal to those who are looking for a ring that beautifies long and slender fingers. Diamonds featuring an emerald cut are often the choice for men’s jewelry. It is a rectangular shape that features facets that emphasize the diamond’s clarity. Clarity is determined by putting the diamond under a microscope and looking for the presence or absence of inclusions 鑽石知識.

The carat size of the diamond is the major factor that influences the price. Large diamonds are quite rare, and this accounts for the increase in price in diamond jewelry as you increase the carat size.

The metals used for the ring and mount are both beautiful and varied. Gold and silver are traditional choices for diamond jewelry, and both are lovely. There are different colors of gold, including yellow, white and rose. Other metals that are very hard and wonderful for use in rings intended to be handed down from generation to generation include platinum, tungsten and palladium. Customized options in terms of metals and diamonds are available from fine online diamond purveyors.

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