How To Use Player’s Statistics at Poker Online


There are Just Four Standard Numbers That May Inform You how’s the playing Mode of the particular Participant:

VP$internet protocol address (Voluntarily Putting money In the Pot) – It’s the percent of times that the player is at a pot. For example, a 40% VPIP means the gamer is currently in 40 percent of the containers. This measures the looseness of the participant racket: if your player calls 40 percent of the hands , he’s a very loose player also it’s highly likely that he’s a terrible player. To get full-ring tables (10 people ), a VP$IP of 10%-20% is considered tight. Even a VP$internet protocol address of 30% or more is extremely loose 918kiss.

VPIP is still just another very good usage: comparing this into the preflop-raise we will find yourself a very good notion of how a person performs his arms .

PFR(pre-flop boost ) – It is the % of that time period that the player raises preflop. It is helpful to examine this specific stat to VPIP. Apparently, VPIP will always be equal or higher to PFR, as VPIP counts phoning and increasing pre flop.

When there is a big difference involving VPIP and PFR (for example: VPIP = 20 percent, PFR=3 percent ) you can assume you’re dealing with a new player that performs preflop. After the difference is 4 percent or less (as an illustration VPIP=20%, PFR=16 percent ), and also the VP$internet protocol address can be at a normal value scope (15%-20% to get full-ring, a extra for short handed ) you are able to assume you are playing against a tight-aggressive participant (TAG), which are the players who profit the absolute most on very low and moderate stakes. You should be that a TAG yourself, it really is significantly more than proven it’s the taking part in style that proceeds probably the most, and will work for non, moderate and high stakes.

AF(Aggression factor) – It measures the post-flop aggressiveness of a person. It should be contrasted to VP$IP: a player that is on many baskets will not usually have a top a f, only because most times that player will have trash, also wont have a left hand or a draw to play with. This may let you know how much you really have to admire a new player’s stakes.

As an instance, a person with 20% VP$IP and 5 to 10 a f is known as an aggressive player, also will under usual conditions earn a continuation bet you, and may make an effort and bluff other spots.If that same player had 0.5 a f, ” he had been a passive player, which means you ought to usually admire his stakes.

A player with 50 percent VP$internet protocol address and 1 a-f, looking just at the AF, seems to be passive. But don’t forget you have to check at VPIP way too, also this player is clearly competitive for the

high VPIP and one AF.

Arms – This really is simply the variety of hands you have of a specific player. You always need to have 20 or maybe more hands-on check at VPIP and PFR. To appear at a f you should have 50 palms or longer.


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