Sure Shot Ways to Handle Calls in Your Cosmetic Dental Office


You run a cosmetic dental office and your staff wants to handle every call the right way; however have they been trained to do so? Here a few tips that will stand them in good stead:

• You should answer the phone with the full script opening each and every time. So speak the words cheerfully as if welcoming guests to a party you are giving.
• You should speak at about 180 words a minute. Many people tend to talk too swiftly while explaining information, and the listener cannot absorb it all. You may want to count a 180-word text and practice.
• You should remember the name of your caller and use that name frequently. This will make him or her more comfortable dental marketing agency uk.
• Be empathetic – You should show them that you care about their concerns. For example, if the caller says, “I hate to wait when I have an appointment,” you can reply, “I know what you mean; it makes me feel like my time does not matter.”
• See to it that you ask questions too. It hooks the caller’s interest; particularly if your answer to a question is a long one, you will keep the interest of the caller better if you break up your long answer with a question or two. It can be as easy as “you would agree with that, right?
• When you shoot your questions, you will want to ask questions that have a positive response for your practice. For instance, instead of enquiring, “Would you like to come in for an appointment and see how experienced we are?” you should enquire, “Would you want to go for a really experienced doctor?” When they answer “yes” you say, “Great. Let us set you up for an appointment.”

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